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YuvaArt is a start-up with a common goal of making artistic services affordable to everyone with endeavours of photography, digital designs and web support.

We proudly claim to be one of the pioneers in the North Karnataka region, with the aim to deliver the quality services. Along with client services, as a social responsibility, we conduct workshops in rural areas to encourage Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India dream. Our key principle lies in being artistic and creative.

What our Logo speaks?

The camera as the eye, represents crystallization of our sharp eyes. The hairy tuft symbolizes our paint brush which designs dreams. The young face is the stamp of gen next. The YUVA in red represent courage, confidence & commitment. A in green represent the heart of art, R in Saffron represent Rage of youth & T in blue represents triumph.


What We Do?

The Youngest Player

Passion to Action


Harshad Uday Kamath

Creator – Artist/ Photographer

“Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true. The journey of passion made me to leave high salaried profession and dragged to the game of catching moments and colors. I always use to imagine since my childhood about these colors in nature and trying to capture it in a single frame. After I realized that, it can be possible only from photography.”

In this journey he has recognized by many awards and honors. Harshad has been invited by many institutions especially in rural areas for Photography & Digital designing workshops. His interest in traveling is a perfect combination for photography to capture the taste of different geography and traveled across our country and tried to capture the map in his small digital box. In this noble profession Harshad also trained many students and professionals to be stand on their own feet by this photography. Finally it’s proven that passion is always a journey of cherishing the moments what we do and think every moment. This journey with colors gave a birth to a wonderful kid of art called “YuvaArt”.

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We call it as social proof.

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