A PubG Themed Pre-wedding Shoot for Sahana + Praveen
& We’re Shouting ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’

Sahana writes,

“Hey Partner, Let’s go. The Main Game is Still loading. Let’s take the flight and choose the best map to this game and make sure we jump in a Safe Zone, definitely not in Pochinki or School. I know you’ve got the supplies and I’ve got the package. We have to Stay alert as there might be enemies ahead. We might also get lost during the game battle, so always remember to mark your location and fall back in the safe zone. Some are Restricted area and its highly unlikely to be in that place.”

“My mood swings might be a red zone which might make you to apply the bandage. During that time, I may still be angry on you. So, find me in the Map with that 8X scope and bring up voice chat and make sure that you give me Weekly Rewards. On weekends, we can surely have Energy Drinks just to ensure that we are revived. Because its PUBG, we have to help each other in all the directions, coz the Bots may attack us in every possible way. Down the lane, let’s make our own Squad and celebrate this with ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’”