Be it pre-wedding or wedding or any other occasion, we at YuvaArt are creative enough to set the innovative theme, ambiance and properties, etc., to make the pictures speak. Here is one such pre-wedding shoot showcasing the daily life of a couple in a village. Behind the scenes, as we were approaching Dandeli for the regular cinematic pre-wedding shoot, this unique idea of the village theme was digging our head like a termite. This was an accosting job since the clients were prepared for the modern pre-wedding shoot. And it was truly a challenging shoot because this was decided on the way and had the least preparations. Of course, it was worth experimenting with the massive support of the clients. The couple was asked to buy locally available costumes required for the shoot. The localities of Dandeli were extremely helpful behind the scenes. An old lady helped us with all the properties viz rice, rangoli, clothes used in the shoot. This concept of village life was executed within half an hour which is a rewarding feeling for team YuvaArt.