What We Are


Yeah, We mean it!

Aren’t we, 18 till we die?

Frnz, this website is to celebrate the colors of youth. We squeeze life, extract it’s juice, turned the juice into paint and paint the youthful life with Love, Joy, Peace, Song & Dance.

It’s a start-up, which combines our creative juices of Photography & Designs. We customize colors to your Royal choice. We freeze your memorable moments in our professional photography & paint your life with rainbow colors of your dreams. Playing with colors is in our blood.

What our Logo speaks?

The camera as the eye, represents crystallization of our sharp eyes. The hairy tuft symbolizes our paint brush which designs dreams. The young face is the stamp of generation next. The Red colored Yuva represents courage, confidence & commitment. Green A represents the heart of art, Saffron R represents Rage of the youth & Blue T represents triumph.