• 05.01.2018

    The God’s Master Plan

    As the saying goes “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite” with this Vaishali began her story. She says one can experience the taste of love, until and unless they are in love. Vaishali and Sanjay work for the same company in…


  • 31.12.2017

    Behind the scenes – Garage Photoshoot

    We have always had a blast when we do a photoshoot. But what good is it when no one else knows?? So we decided to show everyone a behind the scenes look at what goes on.


  • 17.12.2017

    Whenever our Eyes meet

    Whenever our eyes meet, I feel like you greet, This makes me feel you are sweet, Still waiting for our eyes to meet (again and again) Amongst the gathered crowd of family and friends in the wedding hall, Ashvini and Sangamesh exchange secret glances with…


  • 13.12.2017

    Medley of Emotions

    Wedding is a major transition in a bride’s identity i.e.; from a single woman to a married woman. From a pampered daughter to a responsible wife.   This transition can often lead to an emotional breakdown. During the wedding day, Dharitri is found to be…


  • 12.12.2017

    I am fashion

    Model: Rebecca Makeup: Neharika Prasad & Nancy Gupta Photographers: Sheshadri Ramanna & Harshad Uday Kamath


  • 30.11.2017

    Tulsinath & Priyanka Pre-Wedding Shoot, Hesaraghatta

    We love couples with style. A picture is worth a thousand words, agreed but Tulsinath & Priyanka’s pictures speak lovely tongues! Too much beauty and freshness.   Tulsinath and Priyanka’s are naturals in front of the camera. The fabulous outfit selection, a greenery location (Hesaraghatta…


  • 28.11.2017

    World of fashion

    Model: Vishakha Rao Makeup: Bhagavan Gowda Photographers: Sheshadri Ramanna & Harshad Uday Kamath


  • 27.11.2017

    Amit & Anupriya Pre-Wedding Shoot, Melukote

    Amit & Anupriya, can only be described as a power couple who are just so down to earth and have a deep love for one another. They have entered the most happening and happy phase of their life. Both will soon realize the moments they…