Miracles of Motherhood (M-O-M)

“That magical moment when I got to know that I am pregnant was truly overwhelming. “Yes!!! We are going to have a baby”. The joy in everybody’s eye was priceless. My husband and I were jumping up and down with excitement to start a new phase of our beautiful life” says Keerthy Kambli with her loving husband Niranjan Jyoti.

Motherhood doesn’t begin after the birth of the baby, instead, it starts when the tiny tot starts developing in the womb of a woman. Mother is known for her unselfish sacrifices she does. When a woman carries the baby in the womb, she has to sacrifice all her favorite things: – her dressing style changes, traveling is minimal, importantly her food and sleeping habits change gradually. Motherhood is the joy a woman goes through while experiencing the hardest trails of her life.

“Pregnancy is a magical period in everybody’s life because my husband and I have already started loving the little one even before it’s born. Being a mother is a full-time job which begins 9 months before the birth of the baby”- Keerthy Kambli.

The connection between the kid and the parents is unmatched and insurmountable in any other form or relationship. It’s the start of all the sacrifices that the parents make which continues for the lifetime. For a mother-to-be, these 9 months will be an emotional roller-coaster ride.
“Now it’s time to start thinking whether to paint the room blue or pink. Blue if it’s a Mickey Mouse and pink if it’s a Minnie Mouse”- Niranjan Jyothi.

With a whole lot of thoughts and curiosity, Niranjan and Keerthy are waiting for their little one to greet the world.

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The God’s Master Plan

As the saying goes “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite” with this Vaishali began her story. She says one can experience the taste of love, until and unless they are in love.

Vaishali and Sanjay work for the same company in the same campus though they are hailing from different states. Even though they work under the same roof and have met often in the office, they have never had an official introduction. Vaishali somehow knew Sanjay is a good singer, on the other hand, Sanjay knew Vaishali is a fitness freak.

Say it unfortunate because one fine day Sanjay changed the company. But fortunately, Sanjay found Vaishali on a social media and sent a friend request without any hidden agenda. Since there were many mutual friends, Vaishali accepted his request. The bond between two strengthened on social media by sharing jokes, mutual interests, and late night conversations dug into deeper depths leading to coffee catch ups which continued for few months. Since then they both were good friends and kept supporting each other morally. Nevertheless, Man proposes but God disposes, yes yes!!! God had a different plan!

Meanwhile, in the background, their family were searching for the perfect match for each other in their absence. Both were going through a tough time since they both were very tall and it was hard to find a perfect match. Vaishali’s parents were about to get her married to a guy who was much shorter than her and Sanjay was about to get hitched to an elderly girl. Though they were in down hills of their life, they kept consoling each other saying “Everything happens for a good reason”. God had a master life in their lives.

Interestingly, a mutual friend suggested sharing their matrimonial profile with their respective parents. So did Vaishali and Sanjay with a negative thought that their parents would deny inter-state proposals.

And yup, to their surprise it was a BIG YES from both families.

They lived happily ever after supporting and creating dreams together forever. It was love-cum-arrange marriage._DSC1230-as-Smart-Object-1 _DSC1238 _DSC1271 _DSC1291 _DSC1329 _DSC1359_1 _DSC1393

Behind the scenes – Garage Photoshoot

We have always had a blast when we do a photoshoot. But what good is it when no one else knows?? So we decided to show everyone a behind the scenes look at what goes on.

Whenever our Eyes meet

Whenever our eyes meet,
I feel like you greet,
This makes me feel you are sweet,
Still waiting for our eyes to meet (again and again)

Amongst the gathered crowd of family and friends in the wedding hall, Ashvini and Sangamesh exchange secret glances with the heart thumping loud and fast. This creates turmoil in the heart with all the inexplicable emotions.

When the eyes meet there is an exchange of thoughts, shyness and feelings. Eyes speak louder and faster than the words. This is the kick of the big love story. Love can happen any number of times with the same person when the eyes start speaking the hidden joy and desire.

Here is our shy bride Ashvini and the thoughtful groom Sangamesh stealing some romantic glances during their wedding.

Medley of Emotions

Wedding is a major transition in a bride’s identity i.e.; from a single woman to a married woman. From a pampered daughter to a responsible wife.
This transition can often lead to an emotional breakdown. During the wedding day, Dharitri is found to be extremely emotional hence wedding can be a medley of emotions for a bride. She tends to break down after the three-knots being tied up. Life of a female change dramatically after the marriage.
The tears indicate the silent separation from her parents and family, fear of unknown responsibility, insecurities, sadness, shyness, and a tinge of new hopes and dreams rush into Dharitri’s head during her wedding day with Varun.
Here is our beautiful bride Dharitri found being emotional on her wedding day!!

Tulsinath & Priyanka Pre-Wedding Shoot, Hesaraghatta

We love couples with style. A picture is worth a thousand words, agreed but Tulsinath & Priyanka’s pictures speak lovely tongues! Too much beauty and freshness.
Tulsinath and Priyanka’s are naturals in front of the camera. The fabulous outfit selection, a greenery location (Hesaraghatta lake), and the genuine love for each other made our photoshoot a truly enjoyable experience!
Stay tuned!

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