Medley of Emotions

Wedding is a major transition in a bride’s identity i.e.; from a single woman to a married woman. From a pampered daughter to a responsible wife.
This transition can often lead to an emotional breakdown. During the wedding day, Dharitri is found to be extremely emotional hence wedding can be a medley of emotions for a bride. She tends to break down after the three-knots being tied up. Life of a female change dramatically after the marriage.
The tears indicate the silent separation from her parents and family, fear of unknown responsibility, insecurities, sadness, shyness, and a tinge of new hopes and dreams rush into Dharitri’s head during her wedding day with Varun.
Here is our beautiful bride Dharitri found being emotional on her wedding day!!


An emotional buetifull photo of a transiting innocent daughter to a responsible housewife

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