Wedding- A building bridge between two hearts

We unite

I unite my hands on your hands

To walk with you in this beautiful journey called Marriage

I unite my hands on your hands

To share all my happiness and to borrow your sorrows

I unite my hands on your hands

To embrace the warmth of love and bliss from our families

I unite my hands on your hands

To replace me with we

This journey is chosen by us and we are the drivers,

Let’s unite our hands to make this voyage delightful

When I first saw the photography by Yuva Art these are lines which came to my mind and felt the warmth of love through these images. In our tradition, marriage is auspicious occasion and it’s not just the unification of two minds but of their family. As we grow old to remember each and every incidents happened during our marriage would be difficult and in this I think Yuva art is giving an unforgettable gift to every one of us with their beautiful clicks. As the great photographer Dorothea Lange said “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still”. Definitely, photos makes us to stop for present moment and look back, when a smile passes our face.

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